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View our presentation at the August 2009 Atlanta Market, "Using Your Website and the Power of the Internet to Enhance Your Customer Service":

The video will play right on this screen however, it may take a few minutes to connect.  Scroll down to the bottom of the video screen.  When “Connecting” changes to “Stopped” click the Play arrow to view the video.  If you prefer you can Click Here then click Save to download the video to play a higher resolution version on your local media player.  Once the file has downloaded, find and click on the file and this should automatically open your local media player.  If you have trouble viewing or downloading the video, please contact us at 800-729-8233.

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Has the Internet Really Hurt our Industry? One of my clients called me recently to tell me about something that happened in his store during peak prom season. A girl came in asking to try on a particular dress. He was probably correct in his assumption that she was the same girl that had already called earlier in the day to ask if that dress was in the store in her size.
Major manufacturers embrace the eStyleConnect app that can be used by retailers to write orders digitally using a laptop, notebook, iPad, or other tablet. Click the “More Info” button below to view a demo of this amazing program and to sign up to use the eStyleConnect app at the upcoming Atlanta Market!
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