Developer API

Developer API

If you are a developer building a web site for a full service specialty store in the bridal, evening, bridesmaids or prom industry you may have realized that obtaining and maintaining data on the tens of thousands of products and SKUs will be an ongoing and labor intensive task. Prices, colors, and styles change and are discontinued constantly. Whether you are developing a web site on the eStyleCentral platform, on a third party platform such as Volusion, Magento, Shopify, Wordpress / WooCommerce, SquareSpace, OpenCart or on a custom platform, eStyleCentral has an array of integration options to offer.


Integration Options

eStyleCenteral offers a full range of integration options including:

  • Pre-built designs on the eStyleCentral platform.
  • Add your own CSS to eStyleCentral's pre-built designs.
  • Develop your own CSS to completely customize eStyleCentrals HTML-only output. This option comes with all the jQuery/javascript, zooming and shopping cart functionality you will need so you can concentrate on building your design.
  • Integate with your own third party or custom built shopping cart on your own server using our API.


Garment Industry Data

eStyleCentral maintains a database of the following for the Bridal, Prom, Evening, Mother of the Bride and Bridesmaids industry including:

  • Data from over 200 manufacturers/vendors/designers. This includes multiple collections from each designer (over 700 collections total).
  • Unique UPC style identifiers (called GPC - garmnet product code) that are consistent for each vendor collection, style number and color combination from season to season.
  • Primary style details including images, style numbers, prices, upcharges, sizes, colors, descriptions, keywords and active/discontinued status. Styles are discontinued when they are no longer in-stock with the manufacturer/vendor/designer.
  • Extended style data including over 100 unique attributes in categories such as fabric, embellishments, features, hemline/train, neckline, occasion, silhouette, sleeve type, color scheme, and more.
  • Extended image data including hex color codes associated with each image, the view depicted in each image, and Google Shopping compliance. If the image is not Google Shopping compliant we offer an alternate compliant image if available.


The eStyleCentral XML Data Feed

The eStyleCentral API offers the ability to use our backend content management system to add designer collections to your XML feed through the use of subscriptions which are automatically updated. You can then request this feed from your server and process it to update your application. Features include:

  • When price changes are made, new styles are added, styles are removed, or other changes are made the feed is automatically updated to reflect these changes.
  • Collections that require special access can be requested through the content management system and will automatically be added to the feed once approved by the designer.
  • Preferences are set for each collection so you can have conversions to MSRP and upcharge amounts applied automatically when new styles are added.
  • If desired, you can set preferences for each collection in order to be notified and asked to approve changes or removals before they happen.
  • Styles you have indicated as in-stock will not be removed automatically. The content management system integrates with a variety of POS systems so you can import or sync quantity on hand data.


The eStyleCentral WordPress / WooCommerce Plugin

The eStyleCentral WordPress / WooCommerce Plugin offers all of the features listed above, seamlessly integrated with your existing WooCommerce store. Additional features include:

  • Product data, images, and other updates and inventory levels are automatically pushed to your WooCommerce store via the WooCommerce REST API.
  • Products that are discontinued and have no in-store stock are automatically removed from WooCommerce
  • Adjustments to inventory levels due to sales are pushed back to eStyleCentral via the plugin
  • Inventory from your BBL or P&B FormalWare POS system can be synced to eStyleCentral and then to your WooCommerce store
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