Who We Are

Our Story

eStyleCentral.com was conceived ten years ago as a database system that would coordinate the massive amount of data that our industry utilizes to a single, central location. The first application that was introduced was eFashionCentral.com, which is a program that allows Full Service Specialty stores to create professional websites for their stores that have all the “bells & whistles” that the big Online Only retailers have.

In August 2012 the name eFashionCentral.com was retired and the new name eStyleCentral.com was adopted as the name for all aspects of this program.


With over 250 clients eStyleCentral.com has become the foremost leader in providing tools to Full Service Specialty stores to aid in a successful online marketing strategy. For a personalized demonstration of the eStyleCentral.com program contact Sal Macaluso at 800-729-8233, you can Click Here to watch a video presentation of many of the basic eStyleCentral.com applications.

In 2012 the eStyleConnect app was launched as a tool for manufacturers to utilize as a much more efficient way to organize their new and carryover styles for order processing each season. By using this tool manufacturers are automatically updating their style details and specific availability information to Full Service Retailers that use the eStyleCentral.com program. Click here for more information about the eStyleConnect app.

Announcing eStyleCentral 4.0! Beautiful eCommerce websites designed and automatically updated for Prom and Bridal retailers. See our limited time promotion:
Major manufacturers embrace the eStyleConnect app that can be used by retailers to write orders digitally using a laptop, notebook, iPad, or other tablet. Click the “More Info” button below to view a demo of this amazing program and to sign up to use the eStyleConnect app at the upcoming Atlanta Market!