Retailer Solutions

The primary advantage for a retailer using the eStyle Central program is the easy access the program gives you to the images and style details of thousands of products that are on our preloaded database.  Collections are updated as they become available to us by a Participating Manufacturer.  If you have indicated on your Admin Panel that you are an Authorized Retailer of a particular collection then when that collection is added to the database by the manufacturer your website will automatically be updated with the most current images and style details for that collection.  You will simply set up a Manufacturer Profile for each manufacturer to indicate which collections you have purchased for that season.  As the season proceeds and the manufacturers update their availability on the eStyle Central database your website will automatically be updated with this availability information. 

For example if a manufacturer indicates that twenty styles have been put into production and that they will be shippable by May 15th, your website will automatically be updated with that information; moving those styles from whatever position they are on your website to a more prominent position and indicate on your website that the styles can be shipped in X number of weeks (which will update automatically on your website to indicate to the consumer the # of weeks leading up to the delivery date that the manufacturer has indicated) .  This availability information will also be automatically fed to search engines so Google will know that these styles on your website have guaranteed availability by a particular date. 

This has become a serious issue in our industry; information about timely availability is very rarely on retail websites, and when it is there it is rarely accurate.  By making this tool available to our industry we have made it possible for manufactures to update their production and inventory status to a central database where this information can be updated on the websites of their authorized retailers that use the program.  All Authorized Retailers, whether they are clients or not, will be able to digitally write orders using the eStyleConnect order writing application. 

There are many advantages for all retailers to utilize the eStyle Connect app - Click here to learn more about the eStyle Connect app.  When an client uses the eStyle Connect app to digitally write orders the order information can automatically be exported to their website so the specific styles, colors and sizes that are ordered will be displayed separately on their websites.  This information is then sent to search engines to optimize the website for the specific items that are available to sell.  There are also POS tie-in applications available that will allow you to import your on-order style detail information to a separate POS system.

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Major manufacturers embrace the eStyleConnect app that can be used by retailers to write orders digitally using a laptop, notebook, iPad, or other tablet. Click the “More Info” button below to view a demo of this amazing program and to sign up to use the eStyleConnect app at the upcoming Atlanta Market!