Manufacturer Solutions

eStyle Central has many tools that are available for free to our Participating Manufacturers including the eStyle Connect order writing app   When you choose to upload your collection to the eStyle Central database your collection will automatically be available for your retailers to utilize eStyle Connect to place and process orders from any Internet connection.  If you setup a multi-user modem in your showroom or at any of the regional markets you can have all of your orders written digitally allowing you to have instant real-time booking information throughout the course of the season.  There will be programming available that will also allow you to export all of the accumulated style data information to your own separate order entry system.  Click here for more information about the eStyle Connect app.

Once your collection is available on the eStyle Central database it is also automatically available to all of your authorized retailers that use the eStyle Central program to update their websites.  You will be able to access your own eStyle Central Admin Panel where you will see a list of all eStyle Central clients that have indicated that they are authorized retailers for your collection on their Manufacturer Profile.  You will then have the ability to deny or confirm them as an authorized retailer.  Once you have confirmed them as an authorized retailer your collection will automatically be uploaded to their website.  You can also add a release date indicating on what date your collection will be available to be uploaded to retail websites.  Regardless of when you confirm someone as an Authorized Retailer, your collection will not be added to their website until that date.

Once the season has begun you will be able to login to your eStyle Central Admin Panel to add production/inventory info that will automatically update the websites of all clients that have uploaded your collection to their websites.  Our goal is to someday have programs available that manufacturers can use to integrate their production systems with eStyle Central for automatic real-time updates of hundreds of retailer websites and POS systems.

eStyle Central Instuctional Video for Manufacturers Information

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Major manufacturers embrace the eStyleConnect app that can be used by retailers to write orders digitally using a laptop, notebook, iPad, or other tablet. Click the “More Info” button below to view a demo of this amazing program and to sign up to use the eStyleConnect app at the upcoming Atlanta Market!