Who We Are

Our Mission

Our mission at eStyle Central is certainly a lofty one. It is our goal to take an industry that is divided into hundreds of manufacturers and thousands of Full Service Specialty Stores and unite them around a single source where the specific style detail information that is essential to all is in a single centralized database.

  • e – Electronically accessed and controlled
  • Style – Five elements distinguish millions of individual items; Manufacturer – Collection – Style # – Color – Size
  • Central – One centralized location where specific data for each of these styles is accessible

Technology like this has been utilized by virtually every other industry, but contrary to the eStyle Central model, the technology in those industries was utilized by big box stores and massive vertical operations. The result is the demise of manufacturer/retailer type operations and the disappearance of independently owned Full Service retailers in those industries.

With the eStyle Central model our industry can operate with the technology of a large vertical operation while at the same time allowing manufacturers and Full Service retailers to continue to function as they have for generations.

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