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We have solicited Participating Manufactures and current eStyleCentral.com clients to share their testimonials. We will post them here as we receive them.

Although our clients, in most cases, were very willing to include their names and links to their websites we felt it was best to keep these comments anonymous.

At eStyleCentral.com we do not share your personal information with any perspective or current clients.



eStyleCentral.com, is one of the most wonderful website programs I have ever used. Let me tell you, I am no genius when it comes to electronics or web sites, but Sal made this program so user friendly that I had no problems whatsoever in learning the codes, commands or directions that where given. It was almost too easy....

One of the reasons I love this program is because our stock and gowns change all the time. I am able to go in and change whatever text, design, and images that need be to keep up with my inventory and store. This is a welcome change in other sites that I have used where there was no entrance into the program with going through the company.

There was never a time that I emailed Sal and he didn't respond to my crazy questions or concerns. I also appreciate the fact that Sal always emails me with updates and new ways to enhance my website. I am happy to say that I was lucky enough to get on the ground floor with eStyleCentral.com and will continue to be a satisfied customer for years to come.

This program is very fun to use and working with Sal has always been a pleasure.

Sal, keep up the great work and thanks for designing a program that even I can figure out!

Best wishes 



I received your email to confirm that I knew that an order had been placed on my eStyleCentral.com website. Thanks for being so on top of this. I have received a couple of orders online but I am doing much more telephone business and almost all of them say they were on my site. I also have received great compliments from clients who have used my site....THEY LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks again for working me through this and encouraging me to get it done.



I have been the webmaster for a specialty store for several years. The owners recently chose to become clients of Sal Macaluso and eStyleCentral.com, and when I was given this news I had visions of disaster! But after talking with Sal and Will on the phone, I began to feel comfortable with the thought of changing.

Both Sal and Will are great to work with, and even with my many phone calls for help and information, each one is always eager to help me and never impatient with me. They never make me feel as if questions or problems are foolish or that I should have known that without asking. This is very important when you are learning something entirely new and different and it is going to be out there for the world to see. Their support and good humor have made this experience fun and exciting for me. Each visit to the site gives me a thrill and a great sense of accomplishment that I had a part in its creation.

Sal is always open to suggestions for improvements and some of my ideas have been implemented. He understands not only the fashion industry, but also what webmasters go through to create a website using a new concept in software and, as in my case, those of us whose knowledge of the fashion industry is nil.

I cannot recommend eStyleCentral.com strongly enough if you are seeking a professional, innovative, customer friendly website to showcase your business in a way that says 'Class' at first site.

Mary Mathias


Dear eStyleCentral.com:

This serves not so much as a testimonial but a letter of appreciation for my training and the confidence you all instilled in me that YES, I can do this (create a website) without an actual or formal computer education.
The design of eFC's program templates and their step-by-step instruction & guidance gave me the ability and self-assurance to add my new found skills to my resume as well as securing a position to create a website for a local business.
efC's team was there for me at every turn, answered and even walked me through every question I ever had.
Each telephone call, email or cry for help was answered immediately and without making me feel foolish or that I was bothering them.
This type of attention is critical when you're learning something new.
The eFC team is dedicated to your success and the success of your website.
If you're considering signing with eFC and becoming another satisfied client with a 'winning website' you can contact me at: 410-599-4772 and I'll be more than happy to chat with you.
Judi Williams
Owings Mills, MD


Subject: Thank you eStyleCentral.com


I am so happy with the website I was able to create using the eStyleCentral.com program. I have very little computer programming knowledge and this program has been effortless to work with. The training I received from both Will and Sal was great. They are very patient with those of us who are novices at website design. Any problems that I have had have been addressed quickly and efficiently.

Thanks eFC



**Comments taken from BridalSupport.com

I thought I would throw in my comments. I too use eStyleCentral.com for my site. I love it! Before eStyle, I had my brother-in-law do a basic website. It was a pain everytime I wanted to change it I had to go through him. I wanted pictures on it but didn't know where to begin. I signed up with eStyle because I can change any thing I want, when I want. I now have pictures loaded on my site with information about the dresses. The auto uploads are fantastic! The pictures that I have to load myself are a bit of a pain (time consuming but easy)...but I know it would be far worse without the program. (That's why I am all for Sal getting more manufacturers involved. If you are a manufacturer and are not signed up, you are likely not pictured at all on my website or you have very limited pictures due to my time limits. Those mfrs that are signed up that I carry, get the most exposure on my site.)
I choose not to list the prices on my site. They have to contact us directly so that we can try and get them in the store. I also don't take orders over the internet currently...they must come to the store or call. It's your choice to do it how you want. I don't have that much time to work on it myself; however, I like the fact that I can work on it in the wee hours of the morning if I want. I think the price is inexpensive. Overall, it's a great tool for those of us that need a fashionable and functionable website that we can maintain ourselves.


Sent: Friday, January 19, 2007 1:38 PM
To: Sal Macaluso


Sal......As one of the pioneers "with arrows in our backs"....you certainly lead us kicking and screaming into the program. There isn't a day now that we don't hear from a customer how much they like the website. One customer last week who "fessed up" that she herself was a web designer, even complimented us on the site and the fact it was very user friendly. We are fortunate to have someone here locally who manages our site responding to our phone calls and/or emails for changes as we go along. Thank you for being persistent and twisting our arm to get in to this program. Without that we would probably still have our 20th century site instead of the 21st century one we now have and proudly advertise.

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