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Q. What is the cost for a Full Service retailer to use the eStyle Central program to create a website?
A. Click here for detailed information about the current cost to use eStyleCentral.com to create your website.

Q. What is the cost for manufacturers to use the eStyleCentral.com program to add collections to the database?
A. There is currently no cost to any participating manufacturer to use the eStyleConnect program.

Q. Do I need advanced computer or programming skills to use the eStyle Central program?
A. No, eStyle Connect was created specifically for the Apparel Industry; very basic familiarity with using a computer and accessing the Internet is all that is required.

Q. What are the requirements for a Full Service retailer to be eligible for the eStyleCentral.com?
A. Only Full Service retailers with brick and mortar stores are eligible to use eStyleCentral.com to create a website. To access and upload collections to your website you must be an Authorized Retailer in your brick and mortar store for that collection and the store name and address of your brick and mortar must be listed on the Store Locator of that collection’s website.

Q. Are industry discounts available on the price for the eStyleCentral.com program?
A. Yes, most retailers will be eligible for Industry Discounts.

Q. Does the eStyle Central program handle the search engine optimization (SEO) necessary to acquire high rankings in Goolge, Yahoo, and other search engines?
A. Yes, content on your website is automatically meta-tagged and sent to all the major search engines, as is Specific style, color, size and availability information for items that you have in stock. You will very likely come up in the first position in search engine if someone is searching for a specific item that you have.


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